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Man Walks Pit Bull Without Leash, Then Hears Young Boy Scream

The dog ran towards the source of the cry and spotted a young boy being attacked by a copperhead snake, a venomous reptile with a deadly bite. Hurley leaped for the snake and tugged it off of the child, then shook it viciously and flung it around, effectively killing it. The young boy was immediately scooped up by his mother and they drove off, presumably rushing to the ER.

In the process, Hurley was bitten too, but Shelby didn’t notice this until animal control showed up and wanted to take a look at the pup. His neck was swollen, and his upper lip had been punctured by strong bites. He was beginning to foam at the mouth as well. Thankfully, Hurley was rushed to the Denton Animal Emergency Hospital and survived.

Stacie later shared this story on Facebook, where it went viral, in an effort to spread awareness about the selflessness of this misunderstood breed. Hurley sure is a big hero!

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