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Man Accused Of Torturing Wife’s Tiny Puppy To Death

This adorable puppy was called Bambi. Bambi lived in Staten Island and was owned by Jerry Moore’s wife. Bambi was only two months old when Jerry Moore, 38, beat Bambi. Moore’s wife had gone out, and when she returned home, Bambi was injured and crying. At the vet, they realized Bambi’s injuries (traumatic brain injury) were too severe, and Bambi was put down.

The beating Bambi got had given her a brain injury. Jerry Moore was charged with aggravated animal cruelty but has pleaded not guilty. Can you imagine that? What would prompt a man to beat a dog like that? According to the Daily News, this was not the first time Moore had attacked the dog.

Take a look at this poor darling

puppy torture

Image Credit: Richmond County DA

He should have never been left alone with Bambi. Let us hope that justice prevails, and Jerry Moore gets some jail time for this heinous crime.

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