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She Sees Man Throw Sack In River. When She Realizes What’s Inside Immediately Dives In After It

All good stories need a hero and a villain. In this story, our hero is a woman, and the villain was carrying a burlap sack. The villain threw the sack into the Mokelumne River and just walked off, but thankfully the hero noticed that the burlap sack was bursting with puppies! So, she jumped into the water and pulled the bag out!

The woman came close to drowning, but she was able to get all of the chihuahua puppies back to dry land! The 5-week-old puppies have all recovered from their ordeal, but it did take them some time to learn to trust people again. In California, Anna Charlesworth, a volunteer from Animal Friends Connection, is fostering all of the puppies until they can find forever homes.

Watch the video below to see the puppies in action!

Each day, we should all try to be the hero in any way we can! Share away, people.