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Man Who Threatens His Date In Public Has No Idea Stranger Behind Him Is A Cop

These days you really have to be careful about what you say or do in public. There are security cameras everywhere, and it seems like everyone has a camera on their cellphone to capture pictures and videos. The following story comes to us from Reddit user ThrowAwayForPancakes.

It all started out when ThrowAwayForPancakes overheard a conversation that a man and a woman on a date were having. The conversation was startling, the man wasn’t being very nice – he started to make inappropriate comments and was sounding rather creepy.

cop saves the day

Image Credit: Nationalmuseet / Flickr

The girl looked very uncomfortable. She finished her appetizer quickly, and the man told her it was good to know she can swallow. Her face reddened, and she told him that wasn’t an acceptable comment, and he just waved his hand at her.

cop saves the day

Image Credit: AlwaysThirteen / Flickr

The woman apparently told him there was no way they were going to do anything further – but then the man reminded her that he knew where she lived! ThrowAwayForPancakes was just about to interrupt them when a cop (who had also overheard the nasty conversation) stepped in!

cop saves the day

Image Credit: Dave Conner / Flickr

The cop had been celebrating his daughter’s birthday and overheard the man threatened the woman! Now it was the man’s turn to be speechless! The cop told the man to pay the bill and to make sure he never bothered the woman again. The man agreed and quickly left!

cop saves the day

Image Credit: Jeremy Noble / Flickr

So, there are good cops out there who still work hard to keep us all safe even when they are off duty! Share away, people!