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IKEA Customer Gives Bad Review After His Man Parts Get Stuck In A Stool

Every man knows how it feels be hit in the testicles.

Although women will never have to suffer this unfortunate experience, the stories alone are enough to strike fear in their hearts.

While receiving an unexpected kick in the groin is quite excruciating, there are some instances when the pain is unimaginable.

There was a popular story trending about a Norwegian man and his harrowing account of testicular discomfort.

The story has recently resurfaced and is making its way around various social media platforms.

Claus Jørstad’s story was brought to light after the 45-year old Norwegian posted a detailed review of his recent IKEA purchase.

Claus posted a complete review of his new stool on the official Facebook page of IKEA.

He included an image of the stool along with a detailed account of his experience with this affordable piece of furniture.

According to his story, Claus was sitting on the stool in his shower. All of a sudden, he felt a strange feeling in his groin region.

He peered down to determine the cause of the pain and quickly realized that his testicles had slipped through an inconveniently located hole on the stool.

In an appropriate response to the situation, Claus began to devise an escape plan.

According to his recounting of the story, Claus had “no bloody ideas” regarding his exit strategy. The water eventually turned cold, and Claus was freezing.

He even compared the cool temperature of his shower to his mother-in-law’s smile. This was certainly not a compliment.

Instead of trying to turn off the shower or leave the bathroom altogether, Claus made the terrible decision to use a hairdryer for warmth.

He figured that the warm air from the hair dryer would counteract the cold water. Most people understand that electricity and water can lead to deadly reactions.

Fortunately, Claus inadvertently freed himself in the process of obtaining the hair dryer. In an attempt to keep warm, Claus had leaned forward to grab the hair dryer.

This was the moment that he realized his testicles were free from the stool. He believes that his testicles were able to shrink due to the temperature of the water.

In a witty and professional response to Claus’ review of the stool, IKEA recommended that Norwegian man use the stool in a preferable location with the “right uniform”.

In layman’s terms, IKEA told Claus not to sit on their stool naked while in the shower.