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Man Takes His 16 Dogs To Town (Video)

How many dogs do you have? At one point, we had five – that is a handful of dogs! What is important is to have structure and discipline, so the dogs know who is in charge and what is expected of them. The man in this video is known as Heini, and he has 16 dogs! That is a whole herd of dogs! But his dogs are all loved and treated well.

In this video, he takes his dogs out for a run and a swim! None of his dogs are on leashes! He uses a stick to guide them while running to make sure they stay out of everyone’s way! I like how well behaved his dogs were when they ran past a barking dog! Watch the video and be amazed at the connection this man has with every single dog!

Take a look at this video

There is no doubt at all who is the alpha dog in this pack!

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