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Man Who Crawls Through Swamp To Rescue Dying Animal Has No Idea Friend Is Recording Everything

There are probably a few moments as a wildlife photographer when you just sit around and wait for an animal to walk past. It may get a little boring waiting for that perfect shot. Krzysztof Chomicz, a wildlife photographer, chose a swampy area near Swinoujscie, Poland for a photo shoot. While he was there, he noticed that a large bird of prey had gotten stuck in the mud.

The bird would have surely died had Chomicz not stepped in. In the video, you will see Chomicz battle with the mud as he makes his way over to the huge bird. He was able to pull the bird out of the mud, and they both made it back to drier land. Watch the dramatic rescue below.

Take a look

Once he was cleaned off, they realized the bird was a white-tailed eagle and estimated his age to be about 6 months. Wow, right?

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