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Man Stops To Get Gas, Horrified When He Looks Down At Gas Pump And Sees What’s There

You can never be too careful out there.; even ordinary things nowadays may be disguised and be harmful. Jose Medina felt a prick on his finger when he started to pump gas a station in Moreno Valley, California. Jose was stunned when he looked down and saw that a needle had been attached to the gas pump!

Jose filed a police report and went to the emergency room to make sure he hadn’t been injected with something. When Jose had been stuck by the needle, he also told the gas station attendant who didn’t do much more than apologize. The police are conducting an investigation into this incident.

Take a look at this video

Jose’s daughter, Jacqueline Medina shared her father story on Facebook and was happy to report that all Jose’s test has come back negative! Beware when you pump gas! Stay safe out there!

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