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Man Thinks He Can Steal From Girl Because Of Her Size, Doesn’t Realize She’s A… (Video)

Young people today don’t often make the right choices (that is part of being young). The young woman in this video, Anna, is being praised for stopping a shoplifter! Anna works as a cashier at the grocery store featured in the video, and she boldly stops a man who hasn’t paid for his items from walking out of the store!

Not only did Anna stop him, but she used pepper spray to make sure he didn’t get away! The man did try to run, but Anna was in no mood to play, so she ran after him and dragged him back into the store! The first part of the clip includes another time when Anna stopped a man from stealing!

Take a look at this video

Bottom line, don’t try to steal from this store in Finland! Anna is not going to let you get away with it!

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