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CCTV Video Records Man Stabbing Dog Multiple Times Before Leaving Him To Die In Pain

Surveillance cameras are everywhere these days.

They are put there to help keep people safe.

They have been used to identify the perpetrators of many crimes.

The man you see here is Joseph Ray Schell, 60, from Irving, Texas.

Schell was seen by a camera tie his dog to a dumpster and then stab it several dozen times in February.

man stabs dog

Image Credit: Irving Police Department

The dog, a three -year-old pit bull was left there to die. This past week, Schell was charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals.

The video shows Schell and the dog walking along the street.

According to Irving police spokesperson James McLellan, the dog never did anything in the video to provoke the attack.

man stabs dog

Image Credit: N/A

McLellan said Schell’s actions were calculated and took some planning.

At the time, a $5,000 reward was offered to anyone who gave the police information on the suspect.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]