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Man Tried ‘Squirrel Proofing’ The Bird Feeder, But The Results Are Completely Hilarious!

Those of us who have a bird feeder know the struggle of keeping the deer and squirrels out! It is, after all, a bird feeder. The seed in there isn’t supposed to be eaten by squirrels or deer. But, wild animals can’t be deterred – if they are hungry, they will eat what they find. You can but a bird feeder that claims to be ‘squirrel proof’ – or you can come up with your own plan.

I like the vaseline on the pole trick. The man who posted this video went a different way and, well, wasn’t very successful. Turns out the squirrel he was up against was some sort of genius (or maybe just super tenacious!). Watch and enjoy!

Take a look at this video!

Okay, after watching the video – the squirrel just got lucky! Very lucky indeed! I wonder if the squirrel went back for a second try!

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