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Man Starts Singing In The Car, But It’s His Dog Who Steals The Show With His Beautiful Voice!

Here is another video of Junior, the singing French bulldog, and his owners Walter and Emanuele. This video was posted on back in November 2014, and it features the duo (Walter and Junior) singing along to Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up.” When the music starts, Junior is ready (oh, so ready to go!).

Walter has to keep him quiet until the best part of the song comes. Once they start singing, Junior can’t contain himself! Junior has been an internet sensation for several years. He and Walter love to drive in the car and sing along to songs on the radio. The duo has videos of them singing “Let it go” and “Like diamonds in the sky.”

Check out this video and enjoy!

You won’t be able to sing along -you will be smiling at Junior’s enthusiasm! Stay up-to-date and follow Junior on Facebook!

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