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Man Sets Neighbor’s American Flag On Fire — Quickly Learns He Made A Huge Mistake

The fourth of July brings out patriotism in many people. You can see American Flags hanging proudly on the porch of many houses as that day approaches. Not everyone who lives in the U.S. appreciates the holiday – and that is fine, but there is no reason to disrespect what that day represents to Americans.

Andrew Rosas decided to go onto someone’s front porch in Richmond, Virginia and take their American flag down – then he set it on fire. Rosas, 26, took the flag from James Tanner’s house and Tanner was infuriated. Many neighbors agreed, the flag was on private property and setting it on fire is a hazard.

Take a look at this video

Rosas did not realize that the whole incident was captured on video! A security camera caught his every move, and the footage was soon aired on the evening news! Rosas turned himself in the next morning.

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