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Man Sets Camera On Ice And Captures Unimaginable Footage That’ll Take Your Breath Away

You are about to see the largest glacier calving ever filmed! Adam LeWinter and Jeff Orlowski were in Western Greenland filming “Chasing Ice” when the Ilulissat Glacier started to crumble. The video is unlike anything you have ever seen! The glacier was sticking up approximately 300-400 feet above the water. Everything looked calm at first.

It was a ‘sea’ of white peaks, then there is a roar and everything collapse into the ocean! It is hard to grasp just how big the piece that broke off was – but watch the video all the way to the end – they will show you just how big it was! The video is rather memorizing and beautiful!

Take a look at this video

I imagine that it would have been just mind-blowing to have been able to witness that in person! The narrator described it as “magical and horrible, scary thing.”

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