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Man, Who Has Just 6 Weeks To Live, Requests For Loving Family To Adopt His Beloved Dog

A lot of people forget to include their pets in their wills. So, what happens to pets when you die? One dying homeless man wasn’t going to leave his dog without a home. The man only had a few more week of life, and all he wanted to do was find his dog, Baby, a home. Clifford Herbert, 60, lost his home and job when he got sick from cancer back in 2006.

The cancer has spread to his brain and doctors give him about 6 more weeks. Clifford’s situation was noticed by Jenine-Lacette DShazer, and she set up a GoFundMe account. The funds are being used so Clifford and Baby can stay in a hotel together. Baby needs a home.

Take a look at this heartbreaking image

man and his dog

Image Credit: GoFundMe

If you can help contact Jenine-Lacette at or at 323-369-1813. Wouldn’t it be nice if Baby was safe and Clifford had peace of mind? Share away, people and lets help him.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]