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Man Saves Six Kittens Then Sets Up Trap To Capture Mama. After Hours Of Waiting…

This is a story about dedication and love – and a lot of patience. At the root of it all is a family of cats. Last month, a rescue group located in Malmesbury, Western Cape called The Kitten Cottage got a phone call about a litter of kittens. The Kitten Cottage reached out to Luke from the Cape Animal Inspectors Organization.

Luke worked a miracle. When Luke arrived on the scene, he found the six kittens but wasn’t able to find the mother.

He knew that the kittens would need to nurse soon, so he set up a trap and waited for the mother cat. Luke wasn’t completely unprepared, he bottle fed the kittens while they all waited. Here is the huge trap Luke set up – and he put the kittens inside.

They all waited for hours – and hours.