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Man Rescues A Drowning Baby Goose From Dying, Now She Refuses To Leave Him!

Imprinting occurs when a baby animal fixes on the first living thing they see. The newborn animal will bond with its mother most of the time. It is for survival. Sometimes, a baby animal with imprint with another being that isn’t a parent. Kyle, the goose, has imprinted on Mike Jivanjee.

Mike found the Kyle when she was a baby – drowning in Lake Oswego, in Oregon. Mike admits that he has tried to get rid of Kyle, but Kyle always manages to find him again! Kyle will even follow Mike into the city! Although Kyle doesn’t mind Mike’s male friends, but she gets a little testy if Mike brings home a woman! Watch the video below to hear from Mike.

Take a look at this video!

Did you see the two go out on a boat together?! I wonder what living with such a large bird would be like!

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