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Man Puts Dishwashing Tablet In Washing Machine And Reveals Genius Cleaning Hack

Do you really have to clean a washing machine? You would think with all the detergents that run through them they would be fairly clean. Well, not so much! It is important to clean them out to avoid nasty buildups of bacteria and lyme. The clip below is from the Rachael Ray show, and Peter Walsh has come to share an amazing cleaning method for your washing machine!

You may be shocked to see how simple it is to clean out your machine – all you need is a dishwashing tablet! Who knew? Normally, dishwashing soap is a very bad thing to put into a washer – but not anymore! Pay attention to the tablets you buy though, they shouldn’t be the ones that are wrapped in plastic.

Take a look at this video

Every three months just drop a tablet in your machine and you are done! Clean and healthy! Wowwie!!

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