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Man Punches Female Cop In The Face, That’s When She Puts Her Hands Down And… (Video)

Most men learned when they were younger that they shouldn’t hit girls. Sadly, a lot of men do hit women. The man in this video was tased by a female officer after he punched her in the face! The confrontation occurred at a McDonald’s restaurant, and the video was posted to YouTube by LucidVisuals.

The female officer confronted the man, and they spoke. She radioed for assistance. She put her taser away and approached the man – then he hit her. She pulled out her taser again and tased him. He rolled on the ground in agony but initially refused to comply. Eventually, he rolled over on his stomach and put his hands on his back.

Take a look at this video

He could have saved himself a lot of pain and embarrassment if he had just done what she told him to do in the first place. Don’t disrespect the cops – and never hit a woman!

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