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Man Pumping Gas Notices Something Strange. Then Realizes He Was Being Scammed

Prices at the pump change almost daily. It is rather shocking how quickly the price of gas can change from day to day. Do you ever watch the pump as you are getting gas? Do you watch the numbers climb and climb? Sometimes I do. I try and guess how many gallons it will take to have the tank full again.

Sometimes, I wash my windows as the gas pumps. The man in this video was watching the pump and noticed something rather startling. It doesn’t say how much the gas costs per gallon – but the price is really high. He then takes the nozzle out – and the price keeps going up!

Take a look at this video

He clearly isn’t pumping any gas, but the dollar values being charged to his card is rising (and rising). I wonder where this guy was and if this is a new gas scam.

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