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Man Swallows Airpod While Sleeping, Continues To Use It After Pooping It Back Out

When a Taiwanese man named Hsu, a resident of Kaohsiung, fell asleep with his Airpods still stuck in his ears, he was startled to wake up the next morning and discover that the Airpod in his right ear was missing.

Even more surprising was the fact that after the device fell out of his ear, he had swallowed it and it was already making its way through his digestive tract.

He heard a familiar sound coming out of his abdomen and immediately went to a local hospital for medical assistance.

Doctors there did an X-ray of his stomach and found out that the missing Airpod wasn’t missing at all but was traveling through Hsu’s intestines.

Doctors gave the man laxatives and told him he would soon be able to retrieve his missing Airpod.

Sure enough, 48 hours later, he discovered the Airpod after having a bowel movement.

To prove what had happened, Hsu took a video of himself sifting through his own excrement in order to find the missing device.

He reports that after washing the Airpod thoroughly, the earbud is working just fine.