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Man Planted Trees In Same Spot Every Day. 37 Years Later, Stunned By The Masterpiece He’s Created.

We all love mother nature – after all, trees and plants are responsible for creating a balance in our ecosystem and even our well-being. Without greenery and flora to produce food and oxygen, imagine how mankind would struggle! However, one man loves plants and trees more than anyone else – meet Payang.

A man on a mission since the eras in 1979, Jadav Payeng has an amazing world tree planting record – he has planted so many trees, that they amount to the number in Central Park! The man is surely, one dedicated arborist – he even changed landscapes for the better, despite erosion and other problems! The forest he has revamped measures 550 hectares, and houses more than 115 animals alone!

Check out this video below!

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