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I Finally Got The Courage To Ask My Neighbor Why He Places A Banana Next To This Egg In The Ground

Spring is here, and it is time to get those vegetable plants in the ground (or maybe you will plant the seeds).

In any case, you may have to think about fertilizers. The only problem with fertilizers is that they are not cheap!

Thankfully, you can make your own fertilizer at home with eggs and bananas.

Well, you don’t even really have to make it – you just need an egg and a banana.

After you dig the hole, put an unpeeled banana and an egg at the bottom, fill the hole halfway with dirt and then add the plant on top. Just wait!

As the egg and banana decompose, they will release their nutrients into the soil for the plant to absorb!

Take a look at this video!

No more chemical fertilizers!

Spread the news to your do-it-yourself farmer friends!