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Man Leaves Pit Bull Alone With A Day-Old Kitten — And Returns To A Surprising Scene

It is hard not to have heard all the bad press that pit bulls have gotten lately. They are being billed as an aggressive breed. Some cities have even banned them. Even this those laws in place, the number of dog attacks has not changed – because it isn’t the dogs that are the problem.

If you know anything about dogs, you know that dogs are not born mean or aggressive. Those are learned behaviors.

Pit bulls were once used for taking care of children – they were called “nanny dogs.”

Pit bulls are capable of being very gentle. Pit bulls are also great at being therapy dogs.

pit bull and kitten

Image Credit: Just Doggie

Just look at this pit bull and his new friend, a kitten! They kitten had been abandoned in Israel. The man who found him took him home and introduced him to his dog, Rufus.

pit bull and kitten

Image Credit: N/A