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Man Tries To Photograph The Eclipse, Ends Up Capturing Mysterious Shadow Behind The Moon

Did you get to see any part of the eclipse? Hopefully, you heard the warnings and didn’t try to look right at it! Where I live, I did not get the full eclipse, but there was an eerie sort of darkness that fell over the area for several minutes. Many people across North America got to see different aspects of the eclipse – the first full eclipse of the sun in almost 40 years on the continent.

mysterious shadow behind moon

Image Credit: Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel / Wikimedia

Even if you didn’t get to see the eclipse, you have no doubt seen the images posted by NASA and other people on social media.

One man took some photos, and some people are saying that his photos show God.

Jeremy Nickens was in Silver Spring, Maryland when he took his amazing photos of the eclipse. Here it is! Do you see it?

There appears to be a figure of a man taking shape in those clouds! Other people had taken pictures of the eclipse, but no one else’s photos showed that shadowy figure. How could that be?

mysterious shadow behind moon

Image Credit: ShellyVickers56 / Instagram

The image was so intriguing that FOX 5 DC posted the image on their Instagram page. Many of their followers were speechless too! Some people thought the man resembled Buddha, some people say that the man is wearing glasses (not sure I see those).

mysterious shadow behind moon

Image Credit: Fox5DC / Instagram

Only one other person said her family had gotten an image that was similar to Jeremy’s.

Is the figure riding a horse or kneeling? It is hard to say, but I do see a head and shoulders. What do you see?

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