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Man Sponsors Girl Through Medical School Who Ends Up Saving His Life

Isn’t it just amazing to hear stories about how sometimes life just seems to come “full circle?”

We’ve all heard stories about people who meet someone that they knew at a very young age and somehow the timing of the reconnection is somehow meaningful and occurs at a truly serendipitous moment.

An incredible story like this recently happened in China and went viral on Chinese social media before spanning across the globe.

A gentleman with a giving spirit met a young girl who was, at the time, a complete stranger to pay for her education after her family underwent a devastating tragedy.

Eleven years later, that young girl would save that man’s life after he suffered a brain aneurysm.

Around 11 years ago, a young girl named Tam Ling was in a devastating position.

Her family’s home underwent a massive earthquake in Sichuan, China that registered at a 7.9 magnitude. The earthquake destroyed the family home.

Her family was impoverished and could not afford to rebuild their home, forcing the family to seek temporary shelter at a neighboring house.

Tam Ling was the oldest daughter of the now-homeless family.

Her father was disabled and her mother was consistently ill, leaving Tam Ling to take full care of her two younger sisters.

Tam Ling happened to meet and speak to a man named Zheng Hua one random afternoon.

Hua felt compelled to help Tam Ling, noting that she reminded him or himself when he was her age.

He wasn’t sure exactly how to help her, but he gave her his telephone number and said she should call him when she graduated from high school.

Tam Ling’s father decided to call Mr. Hua when his daughter graduated high school.

Mr. Hua followed through with his commitment to helping, enrolling her in North Sichuan Medical College, paying her first year of tuition and covering cost-of-living expenses.

Mr. Hua also extended his commitment to education to Ling’s two younger sisters, paying for their education as well.

Eleven years later, Mr. Hua suddenly lost consciousness during a work meeting.

He was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and transferred to the very same hospital where Tam Ling was now working.

She made sure he was immediately put in her care and, because of her close medical attention, Mr. Hua was able to heal without undergoing surgery!

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