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842 Lbs Man Dies From Heart Attack During Filming Of ‘My 600 lb Life’

Robert Buchel’s TLC reality show was set to begin airing this week. Entitled ‘My 600 lb Life”, the show would chronicle his weight loss journey as he worked to achieve a healthier lifestyle from a point of weighing 842 pounds.

However, just as the tale was about to be told and inspire millions of watchers, it was revealed that he had passed away from a heart attack on November 15, 2017.

He left behind his fiancé Kathryn Lemanski and an unfinished story that many had been eager to see.

Image Credit: TLC

With the aid of Younan Nowzaradan, a doctor from Texas, Buchel began his lifestyle change shortly after his move to Houston with his fiancé. In the very first month of his efforts, he managed to shed a whopping 124 pounds. He went on to lose over 300 pounds in the next several months.

Image Credit: TLC