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Man Notices Strange Bird Staring At Window Then Reads A Note Taped Above Him

“Pretty bird, pretty bird!” That is the phrase my younger brother taught our two cockatiels to say. They were quite good at it! Every time you walked into the room, you would hear how pretty those birds thought they were! We all know someone who takes extreme pride in how they look.

They look like they are ready for a photo shoot every day! Then there are the rest of us. We get up, put on some clean clothes and go to work. Getting all ‘prettied’ up isn’t our main goal for the day – or in life. We aren’t slobs, but we aren’t beauty queens either.

One Bush Stone-Curlew living in Australia can’t seem to get enough of himself! He stares at his reflection in the window of a building at the Queensland University of Technology every day.

Someone posted a note above the spot where he stares at himself.

It says that the bird is fine, it just likes to stare at itself in the window! He is a handsome chap!

bird staring at itself

Image Credit: NH53 / Flickr