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Man Can’t Believe What He Saw While Standing In Line At McDonald’s – Snaps A Photo

The kindness of strangers is the best kind of story to tell. Officer Jonathan Mcleod pulled over a car in Hayward. He approached the car and remembered seeing the mother and her two children just last week. The small family was living out of the car, and the mother was driving on a suspended license.

Instead of having her arrested and getting the car towed – Mcleod asked her when she and her kids had last eaten a meal. There was a McDonald’s nearby and Mcleod treated the woman and her children a meal. Fellow customers offered to split the bill, but Mcleod refused. KTVU asked Mcleod if he had told anyone about what he did and he said it was just something he wanted to keep to himself.

Take a look at this video

Do good deeds because it is the right thing to do – not for the fame and recognition.

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