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Man Leaves Neighbors Confused After Digging Massive Hole. Days Later They’re All Jealous

When Wayne first dug up a giant rectangular hole into the ground of his backyard, it shocked his neighbors. He was ruining the property! But as it turned out, he was doing far from that. Days later, a large metal shipping container measuring 20 feet arrived, having been purchased online for a budget price.

He replaced the double door on the container with a singular swinging one, then lowered it into the hole he’d made in the ground with the help of a septic tank company that used their crane to do the job. Wayne went on to install proper plumbing and take steps to prevent flooding before building concrete steps that led to the front door. Wait till you see this!

Take a look at this video

To finish off, Wayne covered the roof with six inches of concrete and topped it off with soil to hide it all. Now, he has the perfect secret underground hideaway! Talk about living the dream!

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