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Man Kicks A Stray Dog But It’s What The Stray Dog Does That Breaks The Internet

We should never, ever abuse animals. We should learn to mind our own business and leave strays alone, lest something happens to us, them or even our property. After all, you wouldn’t think that animals would be able to exact revenge, do you? One man didn’t.

A Chinese man residing in the city of Chongqing, China got more than he bargained for, after kicking a stray he stumbled upon while returning home. The dog was initially sleeping next to his car, leaving it undamaged. The man however, kicked it for no apparent reason!

Moments later, one of the man’s neighbors spotted a group of stray dogs biting the car and attacking it with their fangs – looks like the abused dog had allies!

Image Credit: BoredPanda

The group of dogs damaged the car, much to the man’s dismay.

Image Credit: BoredPanda