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Man Tries To Kick An Innocent Dog, But Falls Face First On Hard Concrete

People who abuse animals are the lowest form of humanity. Thankfully, the law is now handing out more serious punishments for animal cruelty and abuse. But in many places, the penalties are not severe enough, and more work needs to be done to get the justice animals deserve.

Sometimes, karma has a way of leveling the playing field just a little bit! In this video, we see a man who decides that he is going to kick a stray dog. Luckily, the dog sees the man and gets out of the way just in time. The would-be dog abuser then spins out of control and lands on his face! He looks stunned too!

Take a look at this video

He figured he was the superior being and should not be face down on the concrete! But, we have the video proof that he is just a jerk that got what was coming to him! Well done Karma, we applaud you! Share away, people!