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Man Decides To Investigate A Hole In His Backyard — And What He Finds Is Absolutely Precious

Ever find a mysterious hole or scratch marks or something you can’t explain in your backyard? Mother nature is at work in your yard! Gotta love it! YouTuber Louie Vasquez found a hole in his backyard and had to check it out. Here is a picture of that hole – that is NOT a small hole.

Clearly whatever made the hole is big. Being a curious fellow, Louie tapped on the side of the hole to see if anyone was home. TaDa! Baby rabbits were living in the hole! Well, we assume there was a momma rabbit too! But the babies came when Louie ‘knocked.’ Be careful when picking up baby animals.

Take a look at this video!

They are cute and hard to resist, but if you pick them up, they may be hurt or even worse they could get rejected by their mother when she returns. Respect nature. Take photos but don’t touch! Share away, people!