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Man Hears Weird Sounds Inside His Empty Apartment. What He Records Is Hilarious!

Animals are amazing. They have the ability to make us laugh. They can comfort us in our times of need. We can always count on them for support and as lap or feet warmers! Every now and again, they surprise us. They may have suddenly learned that trick we have been trying to teach them for months. They may let us know when something isn’t’ right in the house or in the yard.

They may also make a strange noise that you didn’t even think was possible! That is what is going to happen in the video below. The man has a cat that makes a very strange sound. He heard the sound but couldn’t figure out where is was coming from. The secret camera revealed all! You will be shocked when you hear what sounds the cat is making!

Take a look at this video!

I hope the cat is okay, that can’t be just an ordinary cat sound – can it?

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