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Man Gets Behind A Garbage Truck On The Highway — Then Notices Someone Hanging On For Dear Life

What do curious raccoons do all day? Well, raccoons are primarily nocturnal, so many of them sleep. But you will find a raccoon out and about during the day sometimes. One overly curious raccoon ended up hitchhiking a 11-kilometer ride on the back of a garbage truck on February 17, 2017! Helena B. Evich, a reporter for Politico, took this picture in Rosslyn, Virginia.

The poor raccoon is holding on for dear life! Evich called American Disposal Services and had them alert the driver about the animal hanging onto the truck. Happily, the driver of the truck was kind and pulled over once he got word about the poor creature. Animal control was called, but by the time they got there, the raccoon had vanished.

Take a look at this video

Officials, being cautious, asked citizens to be on the lookout for a raccoon showing signs of illness (rabies).

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