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Man Tries To Help This Disturbed German Shepherd — And Gets This Response In Return

Animal rescue group, Hope For Paws is well-known for their amazing rescue work – one of them involved a dog-in-distress named Biggie. It was a German Shepherd, which got stuck in the Los Angeles River, California – for many, many days till it almost starved to death.

However, Biggie was extremely wary of humans – even the leash made him nervous! After calming Biggie down, the team from Hope For Paws lured the pooch into a cage and secured it with chains. The team got ready to pull.

With all their might, they pulled the cage up while staying careful not to endanger Biggie’s life during the ascend. The efforts of the team paid off, as the ‘cage-lift’ from the Los Angeles River was a huge success!

As luck would have it, Biggie was safely rescued from the aqueduct and was immediately ferried to a local veterinary clinic to get nursed and cleaned up!

Check out the rescue below!

Biggie the German Shepherd is now up for adoption, too!

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