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Woman Screeches To A Halt When She Sees Man Fling ‘Something’ On The Road

On July 14, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Tracy Willner was driving home with her family when they approached a busy street corner. They all saw a man standing there, and Tracy knew right away something was off – the man was cradling something in his arms. Tracy told her husband to slow down as the man threw his bundle into traffic!

The man had been holding a young child, and he just threw it in the middle of the road! The cars all came to a screeching halt, and everyone jumped out to see if the toddler was okay. Luckily, Tracy’s husband and other men chased the man later identified as Bryant Jerel Hickcox. Tracy scooped up the toddler and other bystanders called 911.

Take a look at this video

The toddler was Hickcox’s cousin, Ben. Ben’s father, Timothy, said Bryant was drunk at the time of the incident but was happy to say his son is fine. Share away, people.