Most home renovation escapades go relatively monotonously, being rather boring and tedious instead of eventful.

For some people, it goes even better and they discover hidden treasures in their walls from previous families!

Upon going to renovate the walls in his pool house, Mark Von Thaden found some treasure, alright – but not the kind anyone would want to receive!

Image Credit: Facebook / Mark Von Thaden

As he worked to remove the siding from the walls, he discovers a new fact: he absolutely detests woodpeckers.

The camera pans to show us that the walls are covered in holes of varying sizes, put there by birds looking for holes to store their food!

But that’s not the worst part yet, as Mark sweeps the camera view over the floor and reveals that the ground is covered in piles of acorns!

Image Credit: Facebook / Mark Von Thaden

But how did they get there? Mark decides to show us.

He walks up to one of the insulating siding panels and gives it a pull, and immediately, a gigantic rush of acorns plummets to the ground like a waterfall.

Just when we think that’s all of them, he pulls off the last of the siding panel and even more acorns come clattering to the floor!

Apparently, these woodpeckers have been pecking holes in the wooden walls, storing acorns in them, and then realizing that the wall is hollow and doesn’t serve as a great way to store food.

That’s a lot of mess that Mark will have to clean up!