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Man Finds Bodies On The Ground And Starts Filming

Facebook live. You have no doubt seen some videos. The video featured in this news segment was on Facebook live.

It is disturbing for several reasons.

One, the couple on the ground has overdosed on heroin. Two, people gathered and laughed at the couple.

The man who showed the video live on Facebook giggled.

Come on people! Grow up. The man shooting the video said it was a spectacle. He made it more of a spectacle by posting it on Facebook.

You don’t make fun of people who are intentionally hurting themselves, you get them help.

I am embarrassed that a crowd of people gathered and mocked these people.

Take a look at this video

What will they do with the pictures they took? Are they going to make a photo album or something? Share them with friends at a dinner party?

I just don’t understand people.

Love one another. Help each other. Don’t be jerks.

Share away, people.