Every Morning Man Walks To Feed Birds. One Day When He Was Late, Birds Stopped All Traffic

Image Credit: Sreedharan Subramaniam / YouTube

We all run late for work or an appointment at some point in our lives. Sometimes it isn’t a big deal, you just show up a little late, and things are fine. Sometimes, it is not okay to be late! Like, if you are the teacher at a college – you really should show up on time or your students may leave! At the Roath Lake Cardiff, Jitesh Parmar has a job. But the job he has is not your traditional nine to five office job, Parmar is called the bird whisperer.

He has that name because he just has a way with birds. Parmar’s job is to arrive at Roath Lake Cardiff promptly at 8 AM every morning to feed the swans, duck, geese, and the occasional seagull. Parmar started this incredible work when he realized that the birds were having a hard time finding food in the winter. One morning, Parmar was late – 15 minutes late!

Take a look at this video

The birds don’t wear watches, and there was no way they could have known that Parmar was running late – right?! Wrong! They somehow knew he was late and responded by running towards him! It was a busy day traffic came to a standstill as the birds made their way to get their food!

Of course, the birds didn’t go as one group – no, they all walked in single file across the street to meet Parmar. As Parmar came closer, they all grouped together to hurry across the road!