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Man Sees An Elephant Drowning In The Mud — And Knows Exactly What To Do

One look at this elephant and you can tell he is in serious trouble. The bull elephant was found stuck in the mud of a semi-dry well in Kenya. The elephant was found struggling at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Time was running out – rescuers had to work fast. By the time they found him he was dehydrated and exhausted. The first order of business was to give the elephant some water.

drowning elephant

Image Credit: binksy_j / Instagram

He would have certainly died in the hot African sun without it. While the elephant drank, his rescuers were able to think up a rescue plan. The two groups Save the Elephants and Northern Rangelands Trust were called in to help get the elephant unstuck.

The rescue took three cars, 25 gallons of water, rope, and four hours. But, in the end, the elephant was free! The elephant was able to walk away from the incident. The day after his rescue, Lewa Wildlife reported that they saw the elephant and he appeared to be doing just fine!

See what good things people can accomplish when they work together? It isn’t every day that you can say you saved the life of an elephant! Lewa is located in the heart of NOrhern Kenya. They have a diverse group of wildlife.

You can plan a trip to Lewa and take a safari or bathe in the sun next to a swimming pool. You can even get to see some of the animals up close, sing with the Kenyan children, or learn about organic farming! Check out their website for more information!

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