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Man Risks Jail-Time To Save Dying Baby Bear He Came Across In The Woods

Corey Hancock, a photographer, came across this abandoned bear cub while hiking in Oregon. The cub, 3-months-old was in very bad shape. Hancock rushed the tiny cub to Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center, located near Salem, Oregon. The cub was dehydrated and starving. Thankfully, the cub is recovering nicely.

Critics and animal experts say Hancock should have left the cub to die. He could face fines up to $6,000 for helping to save the cub’s life. What? Really? He did the right thing. I can’t believe people are saying that the cub should have been left there to die.

To let nature take its course. But, a life is a life. You should try to help all creatures no matter what. Thankfully, Oregon State Police do not plan to file any charges against Hancock. Hancock posted his story on Facebook.

Watch the video below for more about his story.

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