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He Hears Girl Screaming And Spots Man Drowning Infant Babies, Then Takes Action

Cash Freeman lives in Ada, Oklahoma and is being hailed as a hero! Cash was at home when a 12-year old girl came to the door begging for help. Cash followed her next door when he found a man holding his neighbor, Michelle Forrells, at knifepoint! At the same time, the man was trying to drown the woman’s 3-month old twins!

stranger saves lives

Image Credit: infowe / Twitter

The man, Leland Foster, 27, was the woman’s estranged husband. Cash knew he had to do something and he grabbed his revolver and shot Foster in the back two times, killing him. According to reports, the twins, who were born prematurely, were airlifted to a hospital and are doing well.

Investigators are still looking into the case to make sure Cash did what was necessary. What do you think? Did Cash do the right thing? I think so, the babies are fine, and Michelle is too – three lives saved! Share away, people.