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Cruel Man Ties Husky To A Bike And Brutally Drags Him On The Road

When animals are mistreated and abused, it tends to stir emotions in people that they don’t normally show.

A husky was dragged behind a bike in China one day, and the entire event was captured on camera for others to see.

The dog was dragged for some time before it was finally removed.

During the dragging, the husky was injured, sparking numerous complaints against the person on the bike from those who saw the video on social media.

The husky belonged to the daughter of the man who was on the bike at the time. There was another man who captured everything on video.

While the man was recording, he noticed that the dog was bleeding excessively, especially from its stomach as this was the area of its body that it was on while it was being dragged.

While the dog is attached to the bike, it appears to be lifeless.

There were moments when the dog tried to move its feet to try to get to a better position so that it wasn’t being dragged behind the bike.

In the video, the dog can be heard whining and whimpering. Those who have watched the video can clearly see that the dog was in distress for the entire time.

The man didn’t stop to try to help the dog.

When the daughter saw what her father did, she offered an apology. She had to go to work and relied on her family to watch her dog while she was away.

Her father wasn’t sure how to take care of the dog. She knew that she should have found someone who could provide the care her dog needed and that she loved her pet.

The woman also claimed that she would show her dog the love and attention that he needed.

The dog was taken to a veterinarian to receive treatment as soon as the daughter was able to rescue him. Unfortunately, the dog’s belly was almost completely pulled away.

The man operating the camera saw the man on the bike while he was sitting at a stop light.

Viewers wanted to know why the woman didn’t give the dog to someone who knew how to care for it and why the man in the car did nothing to help.