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Cruel Man Drags Dog Behind His Car, Authorities Say “It’s OKAY”

In Topeiros Municipality located in Xanti, Greece, a white minivan was spotted dragging a dog behind it – and the vehicle was driving at full speed on the local highway. The man driving it was the dog’s owner, and he paid no heed to his struggling canine. Witnesses along the roads took photos for proof, all the while pleading with the driver to stop driving. He refused, leaving the witnesses no choice but to report what they saw to the local authorities, in hope that justice would be served for this poor pooch.

Unfortunately, the case was DISMISSED on the spot when the police officials arrived, and even stood by the driver by saying that he had done nothing wrong. The officials even added that the man’s dog isn’t actually alive, thus the man was about to bury it but couldn’t carry it inside his vehicle.

Take a look at the horrific image:

Image Credit: yousignanimals

Animal cruelty should NEVER be alright or pardoned – it is inhumane to do so!

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