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Man Dives Into Hole To Capture Crab, But Camera Guy Screams When He Yanks The Huge Creature Out

Australia has some of the most unique wildlife on earth! Beau Greaves is no stranger to the variety of creatures that live in the outback of Queensland. In this video, Beau is trying to lure and catch a crab – he is basically showing off.

Beau takes a stick and pushes into the mole hole where the crab is living, the stick irritates the crab, and it latches onto it – then Beau can pull it out! Everything is going along just fine, until Beau realizes he has to go further into the hole – and we are talking a huge hole soon, all we see of Beau is his feet! He seems to struggle a bit, but he does manage to resurface with a giant crab!

Take a look at this video

The cameraman can’t believe it and neither will you! Looks like Beau set the creature free at the end of the video!

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