man demanded flight attendants wipe his butt dies

A few Taiwanese flight attendants had to deal with a male passenger from the United States recently.

The passenger was obese and found that it was difficult to sit comfortably in the airplane seat.

While the passenger was on the flight, he asked the attendants to wipe his butt for him.

The head flight attendant offered details about the situation soon after the passenger passed away earlier in the year.

The passenger made several demands of the attendants that were unlike those that other passengers made on the flight.

He wanted the attendants to clean him.

However, there were no male attendants on the flight.

man demanded flight attendants wipe his butt diesThis passenger weighed about 440 pounds.

While he was on the plane, he would talk to the female attendants and try to get them to do what he wanted by pulling his pants down.

After defecating on the plane, he tried to get them to clean the seat and clean his butt, reasoning that he was too large to do it on his own.

He also claimed that he had recently had surgery on his right hand, which meant that he was unable to use that hand to wipe.

The passenger also used the excuse that the bathroom was too small for him to use, which led to him defecating in his seat.

The attendant did take the man to the bathroom in the business class area of the plane.

This bathroom was larger than the economy facility.

When he was in the bathroom, the man wanted the door open so that he was comfortable and so that air would circulate while he used the bathroom.

The attendant did assist the man in wiping himself, but he started to moan due to the pleasure that he was receiving from the woman’s actions.

When the attendant didn’t do the job right, he demanded that she clean him again.

She cleaned him three times before he finally pulled up his pants.

Before the passenger was able to fly back to Los Angeles, he passed away on a Thai island.