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Man Sees Lifeless Stray Dog And Starts Performing CPR Until Dog Is Breathing Again

A pet shop owner in the Turkish Black sea province of Rize ran into big trouble while recently feeding a stray dog.

One minute he was happily giving the hungry puppy some food by hand, and the next minute the dog had stopped breathing.

Luckily, Omer Yilmaz was passing by the pet shop when he heard the owner’s calls for help.

His quick thinking and calm demeanor helped to save the dog’s life when he quickly sized up the situation and determined that the puppy was choking on a piece of meat that the pet store owner had been feeding him.

First, he tried to dislodge the small piece of sausage from the dog’s mouth. After successfully doing that, Omer started to rub the dog’s chest.

Then, he began performing CPR on the puppy and wouldn’t stop until he noticed that the puppy was taking in air again and breathing normally.

People who have seen Omer’s heroic actions on video think it is a very good reminder for everyone who loves animals to consider taking an online course offered by the Red Cross that teaches first aid to help cats and dogs.

When people know the various tools and techniques they can use to help an animal in distress, more often than not the outcome is a happy one.

People like Omer who don’t panic and remember their first aid training won’t waste any time and quickly step in to help save a four-legged friend.