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Man Complains To His Wife. As He Got Richer, She Grew Less Attractive. Her Response Is Gold!

Be careful what you wish for… A man and his wife had been married for 50 years. When they first got married, things were rough. They lived in a cheap house, drove a junky car, only had a black and white TV, and slept on a sofa bed. As time went on, things got better.

They now had a nice expensive car, a king-sized bed, a flat screen TV, and $500,000 home to live in. The man looked at his now 69-year-old wife and said that she had not been keeping up with her part of the bargain (she was older and wrinkled, you see). The wife looked at her husband and told him that if he wanted a hot 22-year-old, he should go for it.

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husband and wife

Image Credit: hrtwarming

She would make sure that he had those other things that went along with that too – the junky car, sofa bed, and cheap house! LOL. Share away, people!