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Man Charged After Dragging Exhausted Puppy Who Was Too Tired To Walk

In Easton, Pennsylvania, a 7-week-old puppy was found severely injured. The poor pup had been manhandled across the street grounds by 32-year-old Alexis Torres, her owner. The reason the puppy stopped was because it was too tired to even walk. In addition, Alexis brutally kicked and hit the puppy repeatedly whenever the pup refused to take another step.

The little and frail puppy had suffered multiple cuts and abrasions as a result. Her claws were also damaged! The officers from the Easton Police Department rescued her, bandaged her wounds wherever they could and ferried her to a vet. The pup was then relocated and recuperated in a animal shelter, who put her up for adoption.

Image Credit: Easton Police Department

The puppy has been successfully re-homed. Meanwhile, his former owner Alexis would face charges due to animal cruelty, which could include both a fine and a jail term of not more than 2 years.

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